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Our Firm

OneThird Investments

OneThird Investments is a minority based firm that invest in lower middle market companies in the US. OneThird Investments is the investing arm of OneThird Group, Inc.

OneThird Investments helps companies grow by providing the right resources, capital structure and growth strategy. 

OneThird Investments focuses on Health Care, Niche Manufacturing, Distribution Financial Services and Real Estate.

We seek partners who share our core values of strengthening the US economy by creating jobs, have ethical practices and understands the power of strategic partnerships.

We want to invest in companies that we can help promote organic, inorganic growth and become a leader in their markets. 

Our Team
Shaheed Bailey, Managing Partner | Phone: 201-831-8558

J. Alexander Martin, Vice President | Phone: 201-328-7847

Thomas Krasinski, Associate | Phone: 201-831-8566

Elio Otanez, Associate | Phone: 201-917-1605

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone or email.

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